Eden Islands are two privately owned river islands located in the Delaware river right after the Tri-state Monument heading south. It is considered the first river island in the state of NJ's north Delaware river area where the three state lines meet in the rivers border. Eden Islands comprises of two islands with the larger island referred to as Adam, and the smaller island referred to as Eve. Their given name is due to the beauty and unique " Garden of Eden" like properties of this Garden state river island surrounded and protected by the natural beauty of this regions Delaware river. 

The islands are surrounded by the Delaware river where both the Delaware and Neversink river converge. This is why the islands were at times also referred to as “Neversink Islands”. The west side of the island river channel is referred to as the Bennekill channel which is the historic name designated to the shallow east river frontage between NJ and these river islands and Mashipacong Island in Montague, NJ.

Historically, these islands were used by the Lenape Native Americans who would reside in the region, and used them as important hunting, settling, camping, and farming ground. Some of the river islands located in the Delaware river are still being used for farming and modern day camping.
Visitors to the region staying in our vacation home rentals have exclusive views and access of these beautiful islands as they host wonderful and rare views of wild birds, and island living bald eagles. Eve island hosts a bald eagles nest and visitors will be able to experience eagle calls and views of the island residing eagles throughout the river frontage area of our vacation home properties.

For those wanting to plan a visit to access Eden Islands, please contact us for more information on our Eden Islands Adventure Tours where an experienced guide takes our guests to Eden Islands on a river trail accross the Bennykill channel to the island and around the islands. Pictures are a must in this tour as you see both sides of the river and the mountain scenery of the region.


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